QHow do I check in?

AWe have a self check-in system, so you will need to check in by yourself.
We will send you an e-mail about a week before your stay with details of the facility, including the PIN number you will need to use.

QDo I need to prepare charcoal or firewood for BBQ on the terrace?

ANo preparation is required to use a gas fire on the BBQ stove.
We provide two gas bottles, but if additional gas is needed, please make your own.

QWhat kind of cooking utensils and amenities do you have?

APlease check details of the list.
Click here for the information

QCan I do fireworks?

AFireworks are prohibited.

QCan I stay overnight with my pet?

AOnly dogs can stay.

QHow many pets can stay together?

AUp to two small or medium-sized dogs, or only one large dog can stay.

QWhat doggy goods do you have?

A・1 gauge
・1 toilet tray
・1 cushion
・2 tableware
・3 pet sheets
・3 poop bags
*This is a free installation item for one small dog.
For another small dog or medium or large dog, please prepare necessary items.
Please prepare necessary items for the second and subsequent small dogs, medium-sized dogs, and large dogs.

QIs it possible to stay without pets?

AYes, you can.

QDo I need proof of rabies/combined vaccine for my pet?

AYes, we ask that you bring your rabies/combined vaccine certificate.
You can send a photo of the certificate by email in advance.

QHow big is the dock park?

AIt's a 5m x 7m with natural grass.

QI'd like to use the sauna, is there an extra charge?

AYou can use it for free. (we prepare firewood 5 kg/about 30 minutes.)
Please read the terms and conditions and the user's manual before using and sign the consent form.

QCan I order more firewood?

AYes, there is a firewood box near the sauna for additional purchases.
Please take it by yourself. Please pay by paypay or leave cash on the living table before checkout.

QWill I prepare the sauna myself?

APlease prepare by yourself.
The sauna instructions are available at the facility.

QIs there anything to prepare for sauna use?

AWe do not prepare clothes for sauna use.
Please prepare by yourself.

QAre there terrace baths in both villas?

AYes, both villas have them.
A road and sea are right in front of the villa.
The baths can be seen from the road during the daytime, so please prepare your own swimwear.

QWhere is the BBQ stove?

AIt's on the upstairs terrace.
The terrace has a roof, so you can use it even if it rains.
Please do not use it inside the room.
*If there are any signs of use inside the room, the ozone deodorizing room cleaning fee will be charged at 30,000 yen.

QHow big is the pool?

AThe length is 6.5m, the width is 2.45m, and the depth is 1.45m. Please do not allow dogs in the water.
*Available only for pool villa guests

QHow many cars can be parked in the parking lot?

ADepending on the size of your car, each villa can park 3 cars.
Please inquire about large vehicles such as camper vans.

QIs there a supermarket near the facility?

AThere is a supermarket about 10 minutes away by car in the direction of Sumoto city.

QCan I bring in foods and drinks?

AYes, you can.