Drive tothe east coast of Awaji Island.

On the view from the window


Two luxury villas are available.
Up to 8 guests can stay in each building.
One is the "Dog Park Villa" with sauna.
The other is the "Pool Villa" with sauna.
BBQ on the upstairs terrace.
The sea right in front of you...
Take a walk barefoot ... or reading a book...
Have a relaxed with drinking wine... swimming...
It would be nice to soak in the sound of the waves all day long...

Club & VillaAwaji
【 The Villa with Pool and Sauna 】
【 The Villa with Dog Park and Sauna 】

The smell of the sea...
The sound of waves, the sound of ships coming and going...
The sound of seagulls...
The sea breeze slips through my skin. HOUS_AGAL
Beach Club& Villa
A magnificent view from HOUS_AGAL villa

Get away from the daily life
Don't think anything, just chill out That's the best luxury Your own private villa...
Spend an unforgettable blissful time with your loved ones.
Enjoy your stay...

Facility fee
From 39,800 yen
7,000 yen per person
(Children 4,400 yen, Pets 3,300 yen)
From 4,400 yen
15:00 to 18:00
Early check-in
4,000 yen per hour
Available from 13:00
*Advance reservation required
Late Checkout
4,000 yen per hour
Available until 12:00
*Advance reservation required

*All prices include tax.


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HOUS_AGAL awaji You can see the many charms of Awaji.